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Authentic Relating and Circling

What to Expect?

Explore and Expand your authenticity in a Group atmosphere

Authentic Relating Games are designed so you can explore various ways you show up in connections with others.  These games are designed to help you experience deeper , improve empathy, see the world through the eyes of others, and understand ourselves better.  Some games are short, some fast, some deep, some introspective, some silly, some serious.  They are powerfully transformative.  They allow you to push your edges at whatever pace you desire.  I will help facilitate an environment where we can meet each other where we are at, as well as grow deep connections with ourselves and others.  Check out the following videos led by Sara Ness, who led the AR Games training I attended:  

(1) Authentic Relating - Description, (2) Authentic Relating: Truths Game, (3) Authentic Relating: The Google Game.


Circling is often described as a relational meditation practice to increase empathy and self-awareness within connection with others.  I find circling to provide significant benefit to both the person being circled and those circling.  To the person being circled, it is RARE that we spend this much time being curious alongside another, helping them to explore their inner world, and gaining insight and clarity that helps them make choices in life and/or increase self acceptance and understanding.  To those circling, it is a great practice to stay present and curious for an extended period of time on one person's inner world.  There are a variety of circling types, we will try out and explore.  Check out the following videos to learn more: 

(1) What's possible through Circling and our first Circles, (1) Circling - Long form Example


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