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Do you long for someone to truly hear you, to listen deeply and empathically,

to help draw out your unique life path & essence?

Lover's Shadows

Journeys Within

Elizabeth A Hendrickson, LPCC, CHt

Have you struggled to reach your personal, relational, and professional goals?  Have you tried to change habits by changing behaviors or thinking patterns, but only find yourself stuck in patterns that work against your goals and values?

I find that people tend toward either Thinking or Feeling based Decision Making.  Knowing which type you are can help you understand yourself and those around you.  Feeling based decision makers are often the ones stuck in addictive patterns and depression; while Thought based decision makers struggle with Anxiety. 

Feelers and Thinkers often interact with their Emotional system in different ways.  For example, Feelers are very aware of an internal struggle of powerful emotions pulling them away from or even fighting against their Thought based values and goals; while Thinkers can have trouble identifying emotional triggers, and experience their emotions through physical symptoms and intrusive thinking.

My passion is in understanding our Emotional System, it's purpose and how it works.  If you are stuck in unwanted patterns - thinking, behavioral, or emotional - I can assist you!  I will help uncover what your Emotional System is communicating to you; how to work with, not against it; and create cohesion between any opposing thinking and feeling based parts.




Explore thinking and behavioral patterns that are keeping you stuck



Access your Subconscious Mind for Deep Emotional Healing

Group Portrait

Compassionate Listening

Monthly Experiential Group designed to expand empathic listening and authentic relating. 

If you are curious to learn more about these services, click on the link below!

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